Mergers and Acquisition

Blueford Consultancy Limited is a leading investment banking firm representing owners of superior middle-market ($15-250 million in revenue) companies who wish to pursue the sale or merger of their business.

What We Do

Blueford Consultancy Limited focuses exclusively on representing owners of superior businesses who are seeking to capitalize on their success by either selling their company outright or partnering with a sophisticated acquirer who can help them to continue to grow their business through an infusion of operating cash or other strategic assistance. Blueford Consultancy Limited acts as advisor and collaborator and is actively involved in every aspect of the transaction.

How We Work

Blueford Consultancy Limited provides potential clients with a no-cost valuation estimate BEFORE we are engaged, with absolutely no obligation on the potential client’s part. Based upon our analysis, alternatives are then discussed and recommendations made on the best course of action.

We view our role as advisors and collaborators, and are actively involved in every aspect of the transaction. Our hands-on approach, which features a rigorous screening and evaluation of potential buyers, is designed to reduce our client’s time commitment, allowing them to focus on only the most important issues. Blueford Consultancy Limited has the experience necessary to help companies avoid potential pitfalls before they become problems, and the expertise to move quickly and decisively if problems occur.

This in-depth approach has rewarded us with an extraordinary degree of success in a wide variety of industries, including food and consumer products, building products and services, automotive related products, specialty chemicals, equipment rental and leasing, manufacturing, healthcare, distribution and business services. We understand all segments of the middle-market – and use this knowledge to produce results.

Our Commitment

Blueford Consultancy Limited is committed to providing the highest level of service, integrity and dedication to our clients. We understand that for most of our clients, the sale or merger of their company represents a defining moment for their business and will have a significant impact on their professional and personal lives. Our initial discussions with potential clients often begin with an in-depth evaluation of shareholder and corporate objectives, industry dynamics, financial market environment and valuation.

How We Add Value

Blueford Consultancy Limited adds significant value to a transaction, by ensuring that our client’s goals are achieved when structuring, negotiating and closing transactions. Creating a confidential, yet competitive environment typically increases a company’s market value significantly.

Our Reputation

The professionals at Blueford Consultancy Limited are investment bankers, not business brokers. We take on a limited number of clients annually and routinely turn down assignments. Blueford Consultancy Limited gets results: over 95% of our revenues in a typical year will be derived from success fees from completed transactions, as opposed to charging for valuations or conducting seminars. Our former clients refer us to friends and consider us to be friends.