Tax Services

As you would expect, Blueford Consultancy Limited offers you complete and integrated advice on business taxes, planning and compliance services. Business taxes have a unique set of issues, as do you, personally.

Our approach to tax planning is the same as our approach to all of our professional services - it begins by talking with you to identify where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow - and then defines a plan to achieve minimum tax liability this year, and as you move toward your longer-term goals.

You will notice that some of our services for business taxes overlap with other services we provide - investment analysis and insurance analysis, for example. In fact, you will find that to be the case in most Blueford Consultancy Limited service areas. That is because your financial and operational needs and business and personal goals do not necessarily line up in neat rows under service areas. We strive to provide a coordinated and integrated approach to identifying and planning for your immediate needs and future goals - across professional services and through your primary Blueford Consultancy Limited advisor. We believe this is a unique value we bring to you.